Instant lesson preparation

Magically create a lesson plan for any subject and level you teach. Get everything you need: from learning objectives and activity guides to helpful links to videos, PDFs, and websites.

Just enter a topic or curriculum requirement and an in-depth, editable plan will be generated.

Magical Questions

Create questions on any topic you teach and get a resource fully formatted. Add multiple-choice, single-answer, or open-ended questions to help assess students’ knowledge.

Interactive Flowcharts

Create an interactive flowchart that grows as you go. Choose from various chart styles to bring your students’ ideas to life. In one click, you can magically elaborate on any idea.

Puzzles for on demand fun

Make a crossword or word search on any topic, in seconds. Choose your own list or let us recommend words relevant to your topic.

And so much more...

Word Wizardry

Easily create vocabulary exercises asking students to complete a sentence, correct misspellings, match words with definitions, or unscramble letters. Select your own words or use a default word list.

Area & Perimeter, Automated

Select shapes, units and a number range and automatically test students’ knowledge of area, perimeter, or both. This is how easy it should have always been.

Reimagined Reading

Access curated reading passages with questions. Just select the level and genre to quickly find comprehension questions for your student.

Lighting-fast writing prompts

Generate artfully designed prompts for creative, informative, or persuasive writing. Incorporate a planning area for students’ ideas and change up the style of writing lines to make it truly yours.

Powerful tools for powerful teaching

Powerful tools for powerful teaching